Thursday, July 9, 2015

Taking care of ourselves while taking care of others: Saturday July 18- Thursday August 20, online

Are you taking care of children, elders, or a sick partner, friend, or spouse?  Are you a member of the "sandwich generation," caring for both parents and children?

Does your profession involve caregiving?  Are you a nurse, therapist, physician, psychologist, clergymember, religious worker?

Are you a community organizer, a teacher, an activist?

If so, this is probably a reality in your daily life:

Note: we have changed the start date from July 17 to July 18.
Taking Care of Ourselves
Taking Care of Others

Join us!

Saturday, July 18-August 20, 2015
a confidential online group
support, story-telling, and resource sharing
with assistance in 
simple practices in spirituality and health.

If you have 15 minutes a day, even just every few days, you can participate in and benefit from this group.

This online experience is structured to allow for erratic schedules and a variety of demands on time. Like other online retreats an classes.

You can follow regularly or just "dip in" according to your needs, your schedule, and your caregiving and self-care commitments.

If you follow the retreat with some regularity, it will be one kind of experience. If you dip in or just follow one thread, it will be another kind of experience. Neither is better or worse. Either can be helpful.

This online program is held on a closed blog which is not searchable on the Web. Group leader and participants commit to confidentiality and the creation of a safe, supportive space.

Every week will feature four ongoing conversations:

 * Sharing stories  *  Sharing resources * Sharing practices *
* Gifts, gripes, and gratitude *

Group members can participate in those four ongoing forums
as they wish and on their own schedule.

Each week will also have a focus theme:

Feelings and emotions
Love and work, community and solitude, shifting ecosystems and sense of self.
 Prayer and/or spiritual practice

Persons of any and no religious affiliation are most welcome.
Participants' affiliations and practices will be respected and incorporated.

 Health and healing

An optional 6th week (August 21-27) after the formal end of the group will be available for those who wish to have more community time and/or to take part in shaping an ongoing online support group.

This group will offer a safe and supportive atmosphere. It will not encourage competition: this is not about who takes better care of oneself or who is stretched more thin or can carry greater burdens. Each of us has a life worthy of care and respect. Together we will tell stories, share resources, practice simple ways of staying healthy and sane, and welcome the opportunity to be with others who understand the demands (and rewards) of caregiving.
Please note: This online program is led by an experienced and trained pastoral minister, retreat leader, educator, and group facilitator who observes professional standards of confidentiality and care for personal boundaries. It is not a psychotherapy group. It is not the same as, or a substitute for, professional mental health care by a licensed practitioner. It does not and cannot offer formal diagnoses of conditions or illnesses.

This program is designed and facilitated by Jane C. Redmont, M.Div., Ph.D. (cand.). Jane has four decades of experience in ministry in in campus, parish, urban, and diocesan contexts. A theologian and writer, she has taught at the college and seminary levels and has a private practice in spiritual direction. She designed and led her first "Taking Care of Ourselves While Taking Care of Others" retreat, a day-long gathering, for the members and friends of the Catholic Worker community at Boston's Haley House in 1984.

Jane is a Congregational Consultant for the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts. She practices Iyengar Yoga, prays in community at Boston's Emmanuel Church, and preaches about once a month at Trinity Episcopal Church, Canton, Mass. She lives in the city of Boston and currently spends a good deal of time and energy on the care of her 96-year-old parents, who live in a retirement community in the Boston suburbs. She enjoys farmers' markets, music, meals with friends, solitude, and sleep. For more information about Jane, see here.

Registration will remain open through the first couple of days of the program, but please note that cost is lower if you register early!

To register, please e-mail your intention to take the retreat to Jane Redmont.


$95 if you register by the end of the day Friday, July 10.

$110 if you register between Saturday, July 11 and Monday, July 20.
The program begins July 18, but we will accept latecomers.
Some discounts are available for those in financial hardship. Talk to me.

Payment is non-refundable and due upon registration, by check or online electronic payment.

If you prefer paying by check, I will send you the mailing address when you write me to register.

If you prefer to pay online by credit card or PayPal, please click the button below to pay via the Redmont Retreats secure PayPal account.  Note: you don't have to have your own PayPal account to use this secure online payment method. It will accept credit cards.

Retreat fee (choose one)

Interested in other online experiences? 
Summer online retreats are listed here.

Summer online programs: information and registration

Summer Online Offerings
July 6 to September 26

 (c) Jane Redmont
Registration is now open for the first three retreats of the summer.
See below for announcement of all the retreats and for links to each retreat's information-and-registration page.

Hurry Up and Slow Down:
Spiritual Practices for Daily Life

A six week online retreat
techniques and inspiration
for slowing down
in this busy world

for living more mindfully --
wherever you are,
whoever you are,
whatever your schedule.

offered twice!
early summer: July 9 - August 18
late summer: August 16 - September 26
see here for full details and registration 

Novena Retreats

with inspiring companions
For many of us, it may be easier to commit to a shorter length of time (in this case, nine days, hence the name "Novena") during which there is focused reflection, meditation, and prayer each day.

You may, of course, take more than one of these short online retreats.

Each retreat uses as its inspiration 
the life and writings
of a contemporary Christian
who has combined deep spiritual roots and practice
with active commitment to the work of justice.

July 6-14 ~ Howard Thurman              Registration has begun. See here for details.

and see below...

July 20-28 ~ Dorothy Day                    Registration has begun. See here for details.

Aug. 3-11 ~ William Stringfellow        Registration has begun. See here for details.     

Aug. 17-25 ~ Ada María Isasi-Díaz              Details/registration forthcoming

Aug. 31 - Sept. 8 ~ Dorothee Soelle      Registration has begun. See here for details.

Sept. 14-22 ~ Pauli Murray                             Details/ registration forthcoming

These are retreats, not classes.
There are readings, 
but the readings are short: 
they are meant to be pondered 
and used as a springboard 
for prayer and action.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Taking Care of Ourselves
Taking Care of Others

A month-long 
combination of 
retreat, support group, and resource sharing
for caregivers: 
parents and foster parents, 
adult children of aging parents
people caring for a sick partner or spouse, 
professional caregivers 
(social workers, therapists, psychologists, nurses, clergy),
community organizers and teachers,
and anyone 
who expends a lot of time and energy
with and for others.

Topics will include time, sleep, community, solitude,
living with difficult feelings, and spiritual practice.
(Persons of any and no religious affiliation are most welcome.)

July 18-August 21           Registration is still open. See here.
plus an optional extra week, Aug. 22-28

Do you have questions or concerns after reading the retreat descriptions, here and on the linked pages with more details? (Make sure you read those.) E-mail me.