Monday, June 16, 2014

"Hurry Up and Slow Down" online retreat begins Thursday!

The early summer "Hurry Up and Slow Down" online retreat begins this week, on Thursday, June 19. You can still take advantage of the early bird discount if you register today, Monday June 16, by midnight -- in whatever time zone you find yourself.  And if you're reading this on the day the retreat starts, it's not too late: you're welcome to sign up until Saturday, June 21.

The retreat is simple, accessible, and gently focused on practice -- the "how" of living every day mindfully and reverently, in a way that suits our own circumstances and takes into account how busy we are. Each week has a theme or anchor. The weekly themes are rich and basic:

* mindfulness * breath * place * time * community * earth *

These themes can be building blocks of spiritual practice whether or not we are religiously affiliated.

To learn more about this retreat, click here.

For a full listing of our summer online retreats (including some very short ones), see here.

Photo by Jane Redmont (c) 2014

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