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"Hurry Up and Slow Down" returns, begins February 4

Hurry Up and Slow Down:
an online retreat

February 4 - March 17, 2019

Vermont, summer 2013
(c) Jane Redmont

What, when, where, how
* A 6-week online retreat.

* Begins Monday, February 4.

* At home, on a break at work, in your daily life, at any time, day or night, 15-20 minutes every day or two.

* Simple, accessible, gently focused on practice, with ancient and new wisdom to support and inspire you.

* Each of the six weeks of the retreat has an anchoring theme:
* Suitable for those who consider themselves spiritual, but not religious, as well as for people who are religiously affiliated.

* If you think you don't have time for "Hurry Up and Slow Down," you're exactly the person who will benefit from it.
[A few years ago], when I felt as if I had NO TIME, and I mean NONE, to do anything, because I was so busy, I signed up for this retreat. What a big gift I gave myself... Having some focused time to replenish my spirit was great. Highly recommended!
--Fran Rossi Szpylczyn, New York
The "Hurry Up and Slow Down" retreat was one of the most valuable I have ever experienced, because it encourages the participants to take nuggets of time on a regular basis for guided reflection and renewal, rather than trying to devote a whole weekend or several evenings to the pursuit. It's well done and well worth the time commitment as well as the money.
--Joanne Fisher, Michigan
* Easy registration via secure PayPal link, which takes credit and debit cards in addition to PayPal. Note: You don't have to have your own PayPal account to use this online payment method. (If you prefer paying by check, please e-mail me.)
Some discounts and scholarships are available for those in financial hardship. Talk to me.
The benefactor rate helps to offset costs and makes scholarship aid possible.

Register here!

Retreat fee (choose one)

Payment is non-refundable and due upon registration.

More details below the picture.

Idaho Road
(c) Jane Redmont 2011

Hurry Up and Slow Down is a spiritual retreat accompanying your daily life. It offers guidance, but it is not an academic class with a lot of reading. Its focus is the "how" of living every day mindfully and reverently, in a way that suits our own circumstances and takes into account how busy we are. The weekly themes are rich and basic:

* mindfulness * breath * place *

* time * community * earth *

These themes can be building blocks of spiritual practice, whether we are religiously affiliated or not.

Every week, with the theme of the week, will include four components, offered each Sunday evening and accompanying you throughout the week:

1. Awareness of the week's theme:

Taking stock, naming, asking and answering questions, doing a little writing (or drawing if we are more visually inclined).
2. Inspiration:
A short reading, an image, an insight, a bit of wisdom about the theme for us to ponder during the week.
3. Practice:
An exercise related to the week's theme, a concrete how-to that we can incorporate into our daily life throughout the week.
4. Tradition(s):
Some insights into the week's theme from the experience and wisdom of more than one religious or wisdom tradition. We are not the first to grapple with the themes of our retreat and we are not alone.
Miller Pond, Thetford Center, Vermont
(c) Jane Redmont, August 2017
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